Thursday, January 15, 2015

IPSY January Glam Bag 2015

Ipsy is a monthly subscription program in which you pay $10 per month for a makeup bag delivered to you monthly with 5-6 deluxe samples and full size beauty products such as eye shadows, eyeliners, lipstick, nail polish, eye creams, lotion and skin care products.  The bag is curated by stylists of IPSY according to your profile. You will be answering a few beauty questions upon subscribing to the said program.  You can cancel anytime if you feel your not happy with the products you get.

Now on to my January Ipsy Glam Bag. This month's theme was "FRESH START".  As the card says "A kickoff so clean the possibilities are endless.  Get ready for a fantastic and flawless 2015".

So the makeup bag is white in one side and blue on the other.  Its textured and i think made of vinyl.  It has coral colored zipper and has a round handle with IPSY written on it.  I like the bag and can see myself using this.

These are the following products I got for this month:

1.  real TECHniques fine liner brush by Samantha Chapman (FULL SIZE)

     It says on the box that this brush gives off a high definition results  and that you'll be able to watch some online tutorials on how to use it that would make you an expert.

     What I can say :  I like the brush a lot. It has fine bristles. Its easy to use and its a little bit stiff which i want because it gives me total control.  This brush can be used on either a liquid or cream eyeliner.  I'm giving this a thumbs up 👍

2.  Renewing Eye Cream (avocado and organ) by Noursih Organic (Sample Size)

     It is 100% natural and it is USDA Certified Organic.  The Avocado Oil restores and protects meanwhile the Moroccan Argan Oil hydrates and replenishes and the Shea Butter moisturizes and coditions.

     What I can Say : I have been into eye creams lately because i'm at that age wherein wrinkles are beginning to appear.  So much as possible i try to take care of my under eyes. So when i saw this product inside my bag i was so happy.  But it faded away when i saw that its for normal to dry skin.  I have a combination type of skin so i think this product won't work for me.  The scent was not that great. It smelled like clay. I think the avocado oil and moroccan argan oil shouldn't be mixed together.   I really like the idea of an eye cream but this one does not come to my terms of expectation. so i'm giving this product a thumbs down 👎 

3.  sheer glo shimmer lotion by MANNA (Sample Size)

     It is an incandescent liquid that lights up skin with all over radiance.  It is great for all skin types. Mix with foundation or wear it alone.  

     What I can Say:  I've tested this product and it does shimmer and gives you a certain glow.  The lotion is pinkish in color but if worn it doesn't give off that hint of a color.  It can be worn on your cheeks to give radiance to it and it can also be worn over your shoulders if your wearing an off shoulder to give that a bit of a shimmer.  Over all i love this product and i have been wearing it constantly. I might be buying a full size of it. Good Job 👍

4.  Fantabulous Gel Eye Liner by J.Cat (Full Size)

      What I can Say:  I got mine in Blue Black.  I love the consistency of it. I love the fact that my bag comes with an eyeliner brush so i can use it now with this eye liner.  I can't wait to try this. I'm giving this product a thumbs up 👍

5.  Natural Mineral Coconut Eye Shadow by Pacifica (full size)

     A rich, lasting eye shadow infused with coconut for a velvety finish.  100% vegan. Cruelty free. Formulated without FD & C Color, paragons and petroleum.

     WHAT I CAN SAY:  My product came in with an ETHEREAL shade.   I think this product is perfect to use as a highlight to your brow and to the inner corner of our eyes.  It is soft to touch and has a champagne color. Its very light. You have to rub more to get into that color. But being light it can as i say be used as highlighting. This can be worn everyday since it comes out like a natural color.  I'm giving this product a thumbs up 👍

So thats it for my January Glam Bag. Overall value of this bag is $54 dollars. So not bad not bad at all. I'm giving IPSY a pat on the back for a job well done. I love everything inside the bag except for the eye cream. So i'm giving IPSY a 4.5 Star Rating for this months glam bag.

Come and check out my unboxing !!!




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