Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Julep Welcome Box Winter Wow Unboxing And Review

Julep Welcome Box

After so much watching reviews and unboxing of the Julep Maven Box. I have decided to give this subscription service a try.  When I signed up for the box there was a promo going on and it was this Winter Wow Free-4-piece gift with a code of FROSTY (FYI this promo is over as you read this blog) and i got the 3-month subscription which is $19.99/box.

So my Snow Day Welcome Box came and here is the pic of the box

I totally forgot to take a pic of what it totally looks like when you open the box.  Sorry 'bout that I was just so super excited to see and check out it's contents.  Anyway you'll be able to see my actual unboxing on my YouTube Channel. So back to the box, upon opening it up i was greeted with a  Welcome Card and a 50% coupon. The Welcome Card explains all about the Julep Maven and some introductory messages. 

Now on to the contents:

1.  Julep Nail Color in Soleil 
     Size: 27 fl oz / 8ml

     The company claims that this nail polish has the strengthening power of Hexanal, has even color distribution and superior coverage, Oxygen technology that let's nails breathe and has antioxidants from pure green coffee extract. All Julep products was not tested on animals and has no harmful toxins.

     The polish when painted:

     Review:  I like the polish a lot. I like the color a lot. You'll have to use two coats of this to get the desired color. One coat is not enough. The polish glides on easily and this one dries up so fast.

2.  Julep Nail Polish in Eliana
     Size:  27 fl oz / 8ml

    The polish when painted:

     Review:  This polish seems watery to me.  I had a hard time painting it on my nails. It came out as a gel-like high gloss finish.  

3.  Nail Polish in Logan
     Size: 27 fl oz/ 8ml

   At first, I thought the polish is black but when painted it turned out to be in dark violet

Review:  The picture here didn't really showed the true color of this polish.  When painted on nails it comes out as a dark violet in color. It has a little bit of shimmer on it.

4.  Gel Eye Glider Crayon Yeux in Rich Brown

A waterproof eyeliner with a flawless finish.  This creamy formula glides on smoothly, delivering intense color that sets in 30 seconds and lasts all day.  It is paragon free and sulfate free.

Review:  I haven't really use this yet but i've swatched it.  It really does glides on smoothly and as the company says it definitely is creamy.  You can easily smudge it if you wanted to have that smoky eye look.  I'd love to try this since its waterproof.  One of the things that I look for in an eyeliner is that it should be waterproof. Well can't wait to try this one.

Conclusion: I'm giving this welcome box a 4/5 rating.  Well i think so far so good. I'm really not a nail polish fanatic but having some is not bad. At least i have something to grab whenever i feel like painting my nails.  I love the Nail Polish in Soleil as well as the eyeliner. 

Check out my unboxing Video :

For those interested to get your own Julep Maven Box. There is an ongoing promo going on see pic below. Use the code WOW to get 50% off on the Welcome Box + Free Shipping. Click here for more info on JULEP MAVEN

So till next time hearty friends..



Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. I have purchased this box with my own money. All reviews are my own honest opinions.

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