Saturday, January 3, 2015

Subscription Boxes 2015

The Cozy Mug


As I was watching You Tube i chance upon some videos on were they were doing unboxing of some sort of subscription boxes. I was so intrigue by it. The You Tubers were having so much fun and gets excited to see on what they got for that month. Apparently you pay subscription boxes monthly and they send you a box of 5-7 items (on which you wouldn't know what you get) so in other words you get like presents every month. I was so intrigued by it and wanted to try for myself. I started subscribing and would expect some of my boxes to arrive really soon.  I can't wait to see and experience the same excitement as other subscribers have experienced. 

So every month you would be hearing from me as i show you all the boxes i get. I'll share some pics and would do some reviews.



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