Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Orange Glad Unboxing March 2015 with Coupon Code

ORANGE GLAD is a subscription service of gourmet sweets curated each month and delivered to your doorstep.  Each sweets are carefully selected from all over the country.  The company gives you deluxe size samples and if in any case you would like to have more of the sweets that you like, you could order it online through their website.  They give you the freshest and best tasting items from all over USA.  If in any way you got your item damaged you could always ask for a replacement free of charge.
COST:  Orange Glad have 2 options:
               Sweet Box  -  $19.95/month samples for 1 person
               Double Treats Box  -  $31.95/month good for 2 

COUPON CODE: eiog33820 use this code upon checkout to receive a $10 off on your first box


CANCELLATION:  Email Orange Glad (wecare@orangeglad.com) the intention to cancel subscription


March 2015

Every month you get a box just like this filled with yummy treats

This what it looked like when i opened the box 

Info Card
All sweets for the month are listed with specific instructions on when to consume it


1.  RUSSIAN TEA CAKES (Lark's Fine Foods)
     { To enjoy within 3 months }

This Tea cakes are also known as "Snowball Cookies" and "Mexican Wedding Cookies.  The cookies are rolled in confectioners sugar. It is nutty and buttery.  I really enjoyed this a lot. The cookies are to be consumed within three months but because it was soooooo delicious I was able to consume all pieces in just one sitting LOL

2.  ITTY BITTIES (Orange Glad)
     { To be enjoyed right away )

The cookies were placed in this separate box which was really pretty cute.

These shortbread cookies are made by Orange Glad.  It was buttery too and really quite addicting.  And of course i devoured it in one sitting since well it had to be consumed right away hahaha.

3.  KISS ME I'M IRISH CAKE POP ( Sweet E's Bake Shop)
     { To be enjoyed right away }

This is a Red Velvet Cake Pop covered with white chocolate and showered with shamrock sprinkles was baked to go with the month's theme which is St Patricks.  OMG this cake was so soft and chewy. I absolutely loved it.  It was so delicious and it was so moist in the inside.  It doesn't have that after taste that you would usually taste whenever you eat red velvet cupcakes or cake due to the red coloring used.

     { To be enjoyed within one month }

The least favorite among the 5 snacks for this month.  I'm not much of a coconut eater thats why i would say this would be my least fave.  The smackaroon is dipped in dark belgian chocolate and is made with coconut and pecans.  I really also didn't like the consistency.  It was a little bit dry and i had a hard time swallowing it.  But don't get me wrong it was delicious too but i wished that it were a little bit more chewy and soft.

5.  SAN JUAN SEA SALT TRUFFLE BAR ( Seattle Chocolates)
     { To be enjoyed right away }

This chocolate is made in all-natural ingredients and was made by one of the most popular chocolatiers in Seattle.  Sea Salt lately has been one my fave ingredient in any snacks or sweets.  A combination of sweetness and saltiness has a perfect effect on me.  I love the battle going on my tastebuds when these two flavors combine. My son loved this so much.

VERDICT:  OMG just found the perfect subscription service that delivers delectable sweets right to your doorstep.  Everything was perfect from the packaging, info card down to the products itself.  All the sweets were delicious and I plan to order some of it online. This box is just perfect for those who love sweets and baked goodies. 



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